Benefits of Health and Fitness on Retaining Jobs and Finding Your Dream Career Position

There is much being written about health and fitness contributing to your career success and life in general. Thinking about a career change it is critical for you to come across as healthy — both physically and mentally.Businesses will hire healthy applicants over those deemed over-weight or with other signs of unhealthy behaviors — other things being equal. This is a fact of life, the main reason being the cost of healthcare. “Employers, of course, are concerned about obesity in the workplace because of the associated price tag. Obese employees cost U.S. private companies an estimated $45 billion annually in medical expenditures and work loss, according to a new report by The Conference Board, a nonprofit business membership and research organization given equal experience and one over another exhibiting weariness and signs of desperation.”When looking for a new job, just as important as your networking, research and other tasks are health breaks – for both mental and physical fitness. These preferably should be part of your daily job hunting plan. The benefit of the exercise break is that it gives you a better mental perspective as well. A bike ride, jog, or workout at the club clears your thought process and gives you uncluttered time to think and develop new strategies for your search. Networking is also a benefit of the club. A workout leaves you invigorated and prepared to jump back into your job hunt – with new vigor and vitality – and a fresh perspective.You must be persistent with your search and not let up until you land the interview you are looking for, but finding that ideal position is one thing and getting hired a completely different story. Let’s face it, there is discrimination in the job market. Recruiters don’t want to parade in unhealthy looking applicants to meet hiring managers and companies don’t want potential healthcare cost exposure, as previously mentioned. This is a big concern especially for older applicants. You must demonstrate that you have a healthy, energetic persona or you will not make it to through the first level interview.Consider a fitness program as critical to a favorable outcome of your career success. It should be scheduled into your daily routine just like all other work (life) related tasks. It could be an evening Zumba class, a morning jog, a noontime walk or bike ride, or whatever else is convenient for you – but it must be done with regularity to provide the benefits you desire. Healthy diets also contribute to wellness. Stressing over job prospects, bills, the kids, etc. can cause you to overeat, snack on junk food, lose sleep, or drink too much alcohol. Regular exercise has other benefits like better quality of sleep time, improves self-esteem, and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Be certain you get plenty of sleep before job interviews to come across as alert and bright. Appearing fit, with a healthy glow and a positive attitude, will help open doors for the ideal career you desire.